in the works… or is it? update April 15

we thought about a storefront….

My sister Liz and I, and her vintage and repurposed furniture business called The Next Hundred Years, were considering the idea of opening a storefront concept in Amherst, MA. We met with the owner of a space that had been empty for many years, I had the business model worked out, and we had several interested vendors ready to look at the space. But the vibe was all wrong and the deal went south – pretty quickly. Our sense was that it was clearly not the right environment for the type of business we wanted to have. But hey – things happen for a reason and we’re optimistic we will find a more suitable space with a supportive landlord and community of enlightened individuals who see the value in having a creative group of hard-working people as part of their retail environment.

We were and still are thinking about a collective environment. I love the idea of a collective for several reasons:

  • It gives makers, artists, creatives, and collectors a space to show and sell their wares.
  • The shared cost and knowledgeable management gives those (mentioned above) an inexpensive way to have, grow or start a small business.
  • It brings creative, inspiring groups of people together to form a dynamic shopping experience.

As the search continues, I’ll keep you posted. So for now here’s a small sampling of some items we had intended to put in the (now non-existent) store. (I’ll post a full page of items in the next week or two…)